The Nanny State Gone Wild

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In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, “Here we go again.” I was listening to mayor Micheal Bloomberg decrying the evils of infant formula as he trumpeted his concern for the health of newborn babies. This is another example of the Nanny State gone wild.

I have a question for America. Why are we spending billions of dollars to educate our children? If Big Government is going to make all our decisions for us then what’s the point? Every government program We the People have allowed to stand has succeeded in propagating an endless cycle of dependents.

I have been watching for many years with disdain as politicians peddle their opiums. They ensnare an unsuspecting public with webs of deceit born from a quest for self-indulgence and raw power. Most possess no real wisdom from which to draw as they lead America down a path of destruction. Look back over the past 60 years and you will see a path littered with one empty promise and failed government program after another yet Obama and his minions keep echoing the same old lies.

If you love America then vote in November to rid the White House of its current occupants.

For Truth and Freedom
Rory Bricco


Insuring the Balance of Power

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The United States Supreme Court must strike down the “Affordable Healthcare Act,” if the justices have any respect for our system of government and the US Constitution, if for no other reason than the backdoor behind-the-scenes methodology which was used to get it passed.

We were told by Obama, as a candidate for president, “all that is done by my administration will be done with transparency.” The mere fact that this bill was passed without adequate public review (“we must pass the bill in order to see what’s in it”) should be enough for the court to seize the opportunity to send a stronge message to this Administration, Congress, and the Senate. This court along with every freedom loving American  must demand that integrity be brought back into our system of government.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the United States Supreme Court to insure what matters most, freedom for future generations.

For Truth and Freedom,
Rory Bricco

The Fight For Freedom

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My Fellow Patriots,
We have reached the crossroad in our nation wherein all the great empires of the past eventually found themselves.  We must either choose to change our course or continue down a predictable path of self-destruction. 

Our nation’s founders well understood that limitless government tends toward total control of the people.  If we are to remain free, then we must rise up and throw out those in government, who have no regard for the constraints placed upon them by their oath to “protect and defend our constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies”.   

The US Constitution along with most state constitutions, were birthed during a time when tyranny reigned supreme.  Those who came before us knew they must find a way to shackle government lest it rise up and enslave them.  They collectively called upon our Creator for His direction as they wrestled to formulate a system of government.  When we read the text of our founding documents it is abundantly clear that the founders modeled our government principally from the Word of God. 

With great sadness and grief I remind you that our current President denies the fact that the foundation of our government is principally Christian by design.  It has been said that “the government is a reflection of the governed”.  I believe the American people can and must do better to be rightly represented by those in government. 

In starting this New Year, I am asking every God fearing, freedom loving American I know to get in the fight for freedom.  “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”.

For Faith and Freedom

Rory Bricco